Pigment, water, brush, paper, imagination! When taking elements of bluegrass,
classical, electronic and punk music then mixing them with the intimacy of a singer
songwriter, you get "The Watercolor Project" who consistently push the bounds of genre
defintion. They are definetly not your typical five piece band. If you are
looking for something fresh and interesting, but with the foudation of just
plain good music, then look no further. "The Watercolor Project" has so
much going for them that it takes several listens to know exactly what just
hit you

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Have songs at number one, two, and three, on the psychedelic rock charts, charting number 3 out of all Tennessee entries and seventh out of the southeast on Broadjam.com Boxes also landed a second in production for mixed vocals and the number 5 on the regular rock charts.

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Radiohead The Beatles
Nickel Creek U2
Pink Floyd Smashing Pumpkins

*They do not closely resemble any of these, it is just that they are different, as were these artists. So these are easy to tag onto."


Any good music.


From the remote area of the Mississippi delta to the plains of Wyoming, from the coast of Maine to the red clay of Alabama, and from the depths of Ohio to the streets of New York, the Water Color Project's music is just as
diverse as the origins of its members. In 2002, a group of friends decided to combine their differing musical styles and backgrounds to create a sound that is a combination of rock, country, bluegrass, jazz, electronic, and
classical music. The Water Color Project's strength lies not in the talent or voice of one of its members, but in the richness that is created by the diversity of the whole group. On the debut album, "Attic," the listener may
feel like they have been on a long journey, not sure what may come next because each song has a different sonic landscape from the last. Some of the songs are uplifting, some are whimsical, some are dark, and some are just
plain realistic. In a town surrounded by formulists and clockwatchers,The Watercolor Project threw the book and their watches out and concentrated on making an album of expressions that would play out like a movie reel. Establishing elation, confusion, and scrutineye by their approach and impact on the music scene, "The Watercolor Project's" dedication, buisness skills, and gorgeous melodic dreamscapes are paving them a very successful path.

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