The Get Down Production and Ghetto World Demo CD features original music from the Nation's Capital by three of D.C. and Maryland's most impressive young MC's. Ghetto World, comprised of Avalanche, Xcel and Young Mastamind presents to you a sample of their collection of over 50 original songs featuring internal production, writing and recording credits.


Nas, Eminem, Wu-tang, Atmosphere


Young Mastamind, Excel and Avalanche are amongst D.C. and Maryland's most talented unsigned artists. All three artists have been rapping for over 6 years now, recording over 100 songs. With Young Mastamind being the oldest member of the group at 22, the Ghetto World and GetDown crew has been able to become both talented and established at considerably young ages. With hundreds of hours of studio experience, all three artists not only write their own songs, but also record over beats produced by either Young Mastamind, or KB and Gritz. Kb and Gritz are the two recording engineers and producers of the GetDown and have also established themselves as talented musicians through the production of beats rivaling the best of the industry.

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