STOOGEE GEE - is a 24-year-old Jamaican born, , Rapper, Entertainer, Reggae Performer, Vocal Artist, and Producer. His current releases will be Feb 1, 2004 "15 Minutes of Fire" - Vol #03 / "Red Hot Love" and Feb 10, 2004 on Phayth Production New release "This Gal". Catch him on "Our World" the new album from the Ska / Reggae band "One Vibration". Look out for the first solo album "No Slackness" by Stoogee Gee.

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“No Slackness” the first album by Stoogee Gee , to be Released ,May 2004.
Stoogee Gee's/Red Hot Love(Vol # Three)of the 15 Minutes of Fire (Street EP collection)Feb 2004.
Phayth Productions Compilation/This Gal(Single)Feb 2004.
Stoogee Gee's/Ice Blue(Vol # Two)of the 15 Minutes of Fire (Street EP collection)Jan 2004.
Stoogee Gee's/Winter Green(Vol # One)of the 15 Minutes of Fire (Street EP collection)Dec 2003.
Stoogee Gee as a Featured Artist on the One Vibration/Our World(Album)Nov 2003.
One Vibration/Pine Box Story(Single) featuring Stoogee Gee, Aug 2003.
One Vibration/Herbalist(Single) featuring Stoogee Gee, Jun 2003.
Stoogee Gee with the One Vibrations band at CBGB's in NYC (performance) Jun 2003.
Stoogee Gee at CBGB's / (performance)Mar 2003.
Stoogee Gee with the Canibus Cup band at B.B.Kings in NYC/(performance)Nov 2002.
South Carolina record pool awards (performance) with Souldier Stixx, Nov 2002.


Stoogee Gee is a 24-year-old Jamaican born, Rapper, Entertainer, Reggae Performer, Vocal Artist, and Producer. He has been performing and writing since age of 14. In 2002 he became part owner of a Long Island pre-production & recording studio. In October of 2002 he began production on his, now 94-item music catalog. The catalog consists of a variety of commercials, songs, beats and tracks with choruses and bridges. Stoogee Gee was raised in the U.S.A. and currently resides on Long Islands. His intent is to contribute something new and refreshing to the music community. Stoogee Gee along with his partner Neal Masasga, have crafted their own sound using a fusion of Funk, Reggae-Dancehall, Rock, Hip-Hop, New Wave and R&B. Stoogee refers to this as the Yard & Soul Vibe. Stoogee has performed at numerous other venues including in the Tri-State area. Currently he is performing and touring as one of the lead vocalists with the One Vibration Reggae band for (Album Release) at SOB's in NYC on Feb 24th 2004.

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