A songwriter who can write hooks and deliver positive uplifting messages. Looks and stage presence that as you will see comes uncompared. Professional and seasoned while still being very new in the business. She is so focused that there is no need to say anything twice. She stands 5'4" tall and weighs 102 lbs, with an absolutely perfect frame. Her voice is powerful and strong yet she can sing anything from R&B, Pop, Rock to light Jazz. Her pitch and tone are absolutely flawless. She can sing harmony. When she goes into the studio to record she gives such an excellent performance that the engineers rarely have to do anything but a bit of EQ. She has studied dance all her life and has spent much time choreographing and doing musical theater. Driven and Ready to take on the music world!!

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Billie Holiday, Keely Smith, Julie London, Diana Ross
"I like to learn from the old timers, they were the best, then I can apply my own style"


For Stiletto, all the world is truly a stage. From the early age of 3 she started taking classes in Jazz and Ballet and immediately fell in love with performing. She soon spent most of her time choreographing, directing, dancing and singing in shows--even if that meant gathering the family together to get a receptive audience. During her short career she has received a BFA in Dance from CUNY at Brooklyn while performing in the Off Broadway circuit as Rizzo in Grease, Mary Magdeline in Godspell, and others such as West Side Story, Cinderella and Sadie Goldberg's Messhugenah Funeral. Most recently she was selected as lead singer in the nationally touring show band Joey Arminio & "The Family". During her time with "The Family" Stiletto has had the opportunity to work with so many great artists in the music industry such as Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell, Larry Chance & the Earls, The Skyliners, The Duprees, The Platters, The Happenings and many more. She has appeared on WCBS FM in NY and has regular air play on WOBM in NJ. When Stiletto presented her songs to producer and legendary Saxman Joey Arminio, he immediately saw the potential and combined it with his well known sound. The combination of her crystal clear vocals, his brawly sax and some great hooks make this an unstoppable team. Stiletto feels strongly about writing “feel good” music and putting good vibes on the air waves.

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