Rick Stich-Vocals, George Squiers-Guitar, Jared Woods-Guitar, Kyle Rogan-Bass, & Ron Welty on Drums (formerly of The Offspring) have titled their debut album "Jettison". The music is aggressive, urgent and has huge anthem choruses that will your fist in the air. The response from their live shows has been intense and is clearly an area that Steady Ground excels. There has also been an overwhelming response on MySpace with more then 30,000 friends added in a matter of months. Steady Ground's influences are; STP, AudioSlave, Fugazi, Velvet Revolver, U2, The Cure, Pearl Jam, ColdPlay and yes..The Offspring. Although the record is cohesive, the songs are as diverse as the bands influences giving everyone something to sink their teeth into. Their emphasis is on classic and timeless melodies and rhythms that could have been written 10 years ago or 10 years from now. “Jettison” is a non-compromised record, balanced with up-tempo, mid-tempo, and slower, more epic tunes.
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