From his smooth love ballads to his thought provoking "tell it like it is" compilations, Neil provides a versatile blend of acoustic and electrifying lyrical entertainment with his combination of soothing and hard charging vocals. Influenced by his Mothers love of Music Neil's songwriting artistry has grown with his very original sound to a finely tuned Americana Country Rock blend of Songwriting excellence. Neil has graced the stage and recording studio with members of the Infamous LYNRYRD SKYNYRD BAND. Neil 's tribute to NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. "KANNAPOLIS" has garnered national acclaim. "I Can’t Watch The News " shows his strength in writing about our times. Neil reveals his heart and soul in songs like "Hard Time For Love" "Country Boy" and "We'll Find A Rainbow". Experience Neil Silverman, Singer/Songwriter Extroardinaire! Neil now resides in in Nasville, TN

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