Shelley MacLeod leaves listeners spellbound with her unique musical style. An earthy, "Bag Lady" voice coupled with haunting, string-driven melodies. Modern Flamenco, Ballads and Gypsy Jazz.

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Shelley MacLeod discovered her ability to play piano and compose music five years ago. Since then, she has caught the attention of the music world with her unique voice and haunting melodies. Prior her entry into music, Shelley was a professional figure skater.

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Shelley's mother was raised in the North American Gypsy culture. Her father was a classically trained clarinetist. Music at home was a mix of Eastern European, Big Band, Classical and R&B.


Shelley MacLeod grew up in Northern Canada. She has performed around the world as a professional figure skater and has recently found success as a songwriter. She spends her time working between her homes in Florida and Mexico.

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