I am 29 year old post graduate student who is now in the process of paying for my federally
funded diploma. About seven years ago full of emotional angst and a wetted will to woo women,
I started writing and recording my own songs. I produced my fist solo cd entitled "prelude to a
bus ride" which is starting to get some local attention, in early 2001. Currently, I am in the
process of compiling and producing my second cd which I anticipate completing sometime this
I most enjoy performing my songs live and semi frequently perform for audiences ranging from 30
to 300 people in size. Music is a large part of my life and I am flattered to find that I am able to
communicate the feelings it engenders in my soul to others.

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Like Elliot Smith with a big grin on his face
Reviewer: Dainon at Culturedose.com
It'd be easy to earmark this as some ramblings of the lovelorn singer-songwriter, but I won't. Yeah, there's some of that in there. But there's imagery to die for mixed up in this; a style reminiscent of a Nick Drake or a happier Elliot Smith but words that are completely the musician's own. It's a gentle voice and a strummed guitar and songs that'll lodge themselves in your head for months on end. I've cursed it for that and praised it for the same. Just try and not sing along with "Blue" and "Proposal No. 2". I double-dog dare you.

catchy sounds of ancient life, brotherly love, and the elusive soul mate
Reviewer: S. E. Plewe
Prelude To a Bus Ride is one of those guitar-based, singer-songwriter albums that is so strongly based in interesting visuals that you don't want to dismiss the stripped-down sounds before you give it a real listen. Often touching, sometimes funny, and very often gorgeous, it

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Several times since I received my state subsidized diploma
for my federally funded education in the mail, I have been terribly tempted to thumb my nose at, the man and, the
machine, and buy a bus ticket to Nogales and spend the next
couple years making my way down the Andean rib to the
Tierra de Fuego and back. By then if life and love had
decided to continue their entwining trek through my lymph
nodes and limbs hopefully I will have acquired a lengthy
beard and have persuaded or been persuaded by that gypsy
like missing rib of mine to ruminate and roam around
together. The collision of personal planets, volcanic
virtue, and ego eroding wind and water have to-date feed
and fertilized this Darwinian desire and are represented as
well as I have yet been able to depict them in this small
record, a prelude to a bus ride. I sincerely hope that you
may find some of the same seething nectar somewhere inside.


Samuel Bailey

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