Just a lower level producer looking to learn. Check out my tracks and tell me what you think. I do accept credit card numbers if you're interested in buying any of my songs. Just kidding. Email me at sheath@ualberta.ca

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"Production Prodigy Wishes He Was In the Paper" - The National Enquirer.
thats a joke by the way...

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I like to produce diverse tracks. Mostly current pop/hiphop.


So diverse.
Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Counting Crows, the Stones, Led Zepplin, Babyface, Dan the Automator, RZA, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Neptunes, Rick Rubin, Havoc, Dj Premier, Pete Rock... I coul


I started producing when I was about 15 years old on Impulse Tracker. Me and my buddy just did it for fun, but it evolved into my primary passion in life. Right now I produce tracks outta my basement. I'm currently working on an album with my sister Ellie Heath. I am also trying to develop some ties within the music industry so I will be attending the 2003 TAXI Road Rally in Los Angeles in November. Enjoy my tracks. Any constructive criticism would be great. Thanks.

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