I guess the best way to describe my "style" of writing is eclectic.
I grew up at a very exciting time in music and was surrounded by many many musical influences. These were extremely varied in both genre and style and far to many to list here. All of those influences play a role in my song writing at one time or another.
I'm well aware that, as an "artist" this can be both good and bad. People (or fans if you will) tend to expect a certain consistency in musical "style" from an artist and I can fully understand that. However, as for me, I find that constricted approach to writing extremely limiting artistically and since I have no real desire to become a "rock star" in the classic sense of the word, I'm free to explore all styles of music in my writing unhampered by any pre-conceptions of what my "sound" should be. This is quite liberating as a song writer.

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Just completed my studio. It's Pro Tools based running on a Mac Pro 8 core and a Control 24 board with built in focusrite pre amps. I'm using a Neve 1073 and UA 610 as my main pre amps with a neumann U87 for vocals and various AKG and other top mics for instruments.
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