QUESTION: When's the last time you heard a whole song when listening to, or watching an ad? ANSWER: Never. What you hear is very small pieces of music, mostly sincere sounding, happy, serious, sweet, etc., depending on the ad or what they are trying to portray. So why write a whole song? That's one thing. Why not write music that's geared just for ads. And that's what I've done. Different lengths, different feels.
Most of the musical pieces I have here are just for that purpose. Others are pieces I produced, recorded, played on, and generally had a good time doing with some good friends.
I have been playing, performing, writing, recording and producing music for 40 years. I have always had some form of home studio and have produced as many as 300 recordings. Some for radio ads, TV, video productions, etc. I have received recognician for music I entered in contests such as Unisong, The annual St. Louis Music contest, the Great American Song Contest, and TNN song contest.

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New album release at iTunes, Amazon, Napster, emusic, etc.....(THE RANDOMSEED BAND) Please check it out...Russ

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35 years of press info. is way more then would fit in this little box.

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From big band to good ole rock n roll and everything in between.


Playing, performing, writing, recording, producing for 35 years.

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The song "Imagine That" was written and performed by Mary Stieferman. Recorded by me in my studio.

I have another new album release on Amazon, iTunes, emusic, Napster, etc.

I have released a new album (THE RANDOMSEED BAND) It is at iTunes, Amazon, emusic, Napster, etc. Please check it out....Sincerely, Russ

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