Richard L. McCorkell has been around for quite some time and has played many styles of music and has been involved in numerous projects. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he has been able to create, record, and produce any type of music that inspires him. His styles range from progressive pop/rock to electronic/industrial endeavors that have span from instrumentals to mainstream singer-songwriter arrangements. His services as a musician ( guitar, keyboards, bass & percussion ) have always been in high demand on the road and in the studio. RLM is currently working with his production company, RELUCTANT ICON in film, radio, and TV incidental music. The future of music and the freedoms of independent musical endeavors has led him to be content and inspired to record and produce all forms of expression in both artistic and business ventures!

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RLM is currently finishing up his latest recording. Vocals are to be done these next few weeks and then on to mixdowns. The latest effort is going to be a mixture of intimate pieces and heavy production. Hard to put a label on it as of now. More soon...


RELUCTANT ICON is AUDIO / VISUAL PROMOTION for PERFORMING ARTISTS and SMALL BUSINESS also providing top quality music production & composition for TV, film, and other media. Our creative experts have over 20 years of audio experience. We'll be thrilled to serve you! We are also home to RICHARD L McCORKELL - composer & producer!

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