Introduced to music through Gospel Blue-Grass early in life by my Dad and his band. I Grew up in the 60's and was exposed to Rock and Country ang great writers such as John Fogerty, Graham Parsons, Emmy lou Harris, Toy Caldwell, Roy Orberson and Charlie Daniels. I also was interested in the work Neil Young was doing through the 70's. Just after all this the boys from Spartenburg and down in Florida started a new sound. Southern Rock took all my attention from all other genres. Just as things were going great the loss of Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Almond and Mr. Vaun along with life caused a loss of interest in music. A shop accident that almost took my ability to pick away opened my eyes and before long I was writing and picking again. This all inspired me to get those old ideas down and go back to work. I thank the good lord above that I was blessed to be a picker. RAH
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