Polyplush Cats are a 3 piece Loud, Fast, High-Energy Kick-Ass Rock-n-Roll band that consist of Catherine Terranova on Lead Mystical Vocals and Mind Numbing Bass / Eric Surratt on Viking Metal Drums and Scott Garrish on Heart Ripping Guitar and Punk Rock Vocals They are in there tenth year as a very strong force in the Rock n' Roll world. With close to 12 U.S. tours, 2 European tours, 2 full length CD's, 2 ep's, numerous compilations, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, a new full length CD entitled Glamorous and thousands apon thousands of fans this Rock-n-Roll band definitely has a mission of making this boring Rock scene a whole hell of alot more fun and exciting ... Stay tuned for a preview of the new CD * Glamorous *
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