Formed in the little town nestled between the Olympic and Cascade Mountains known as Seattle, Piedmont once packed electric guitar-driven and folk rock songwriting into a debut EP, Progressions, that garnered the attention of many in late 2003. Since then, between the support of commercial and non-commercial radio play, gigging regularly, and paying particular attention to direct feedback from guitar legend Carlos Santana over their debut effort, Piedmont is just now stepping up with production of their first full-length record, Stonefield, due out later in 2005.

Piedmont: Bio

Piedmont is the baby of frontman Matt Phillips, an oddly crafty songwriter whose influences are primed by the likes of Dave Matthews, Dave Grohl, Frank Black, Mark Knopflar, and Jamie Cullum, to name a few. His background includes being a once-member of Seattle bands The Drive (w/ Trevor Wheetman and Dylan Fant of One Shot Studio / J Minus noteriety) and, prior to that, Sansei (more recently known as: The Prom, w/ James Mendenhall and Dave Broecker). Phillips is the one that brings the new songs to band practice, manages the band, their bookings... and this very website.

The band also features drummer/vocalist Andy Stockton (formerly of China Davis, Hoovenfly, and No Outlet; awarded Best Soloist at the 2001 Lynnwood Jazz Festival) whose influences range from Matt Cameron to Carter Beauford and all that's good in between. Stockton has a three year history of playing and helping to perfect the songs that his counterpart Phillips introduces to the band.

Phillips and Stockton became fast friends after meeting and eventually merged into the perfect musical pair. They remain the driving force of all that Piedmont has accomplished to date. The two have been through a number of other players together and currently continue the *search for the bassist* that will complete the triangle as they resume work on their first full-length record, Stonefield, due to stores later in 2005.

In the meantime Piedmont continues to work hard in support of their debut release Progressions. A CD release from Christmas of '03, this 5-song EP continues to spin in and around Seattle on 103.7 The Mountain and other local/regional stations.

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