>>> I got five other pages check them all out www.patwhylder.com, www.myspace.com/modernchange, www.myspace.com/patwhylder, www.myspace.com/rapexchange, and www.myspace.com/actionsspeakbiz.

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Official Pat Whylder Bio

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Check out www.patwhylder.com. It got all the other songs and info you don't see here.

Official Actions Speak Forum

Check out the Official Actions Speak forum: http://www.board.rawdawgz.net/engl/newthread.php?boardid=6&sid=c2f7298019f0f23076dfeb2cd45b0fa1

Pat Whylder on Geocites

Check out this Geocites page- http://www.geocities.com/boroughprez/Pat_Whylder.html

Rap Exchange Volume One

It's finally here world enjoy go to www.myspace.com/rapexchange or www.myspace.com/patwhylder to order.

1. Pat Whylder Intro

2. Mobb Deep Ft. 50 Cent- Nightmares (Reppin G Unit)

3. A Pinks- Cross That Line

4. NYCE- Soldier 4 Life (Reppin Infamous/ G Unit)

5. Mobb Deep ft. NYCE- Never Never (Reppin Infamous/ G Unit)

6. EPE- Pressure

7. KL of Q York- Actions Speak

8. KL of Q York- Black Out

9. NYCE- West Coast Connection (Repping Infamous/ G Unit)

10. Gravy- Monstar President Freestyle (Dirty Money/ Warner Bros.)

11. Gravy- Get Up (Dirty Money/ Warner Bros.)

12. Okai Produced by Ayatollah- Phish to Fry

13. KL of Q York- Filipino Anthem

14. Pat Whylder- Iz a Negro

15. Pat Whylder- Three M's

16. Farrah Burns- Oval Medal

17. Okai Ft. Vinja Mojica- No Questions

18. Freddy Haloway- Johnny Malo

19. O Side- Excellent Cadavers

20. Okai produced by Ayatollah- Natural

21. Pat Whylder- My Summer Love

22. 4- Ize- When I Rap

23. 4- Ize- Outro

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