One Hundred Years began its evolution in the punk scene of Seattle, Washington during the late eighties and early nineties. After growing weary of the rock/pop aesthetic, various influences including Claude Debussy, Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, and Eric B. and Rakim inspired One Hundred Years to embrace the concepts of Electro Urban Jazz and of a World-Soul (Atma) united through the art forms of tomorrow. Utilizing the modular synthesizers designed by Moog, Arp, and Serge, One Hundred Years is crafting a sound that is unique to these modern instruments.

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"I really dig your style. The new wave+mod+retro+ambient feel is quite unique."-LP3(DJ and Remixer)

"After having choreographed in New York for ten years I have yet to have a more successful work to date, do no less to your score."-Paul Mosley(Dance Choreographer)

"This music would be very popular with the right marketing and promotion."-Jon McDaniel(Program Director C89.5 FM)

"Your work ethic is highly professional."-Brian Ainsley(Independent Film Director)

"Working with you has been the most enjoyable collaboration that I have ever been involved with."-Yoav Kadder(Dance Choreographer)

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Peter Albright Haley has a degree from the University of Washington in Performance Arts. He has composed and produced works for full orchestra, string quartet, piano, jazz ensembles, rock bands and singer songwriters. He has also developed an extensive background in studio production working with samplers, electronics and Pro Tools. Peter has studied with various professors and music teachers from all over the globe, including artists from Korea, Mexico, France and Israel.

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