Music is my first hobby, besides computers and my girlfriend and pets ..;-) When i was young i started classical to campfire style and folk guitar, later i played in some bands (Kwsiatz Haderach, Entropia) with focus on own music and many commercial presentations.

Nowadays many of the session recordings sound better than what you hear on the radio, and therefore should not longer be hidden in the living room.

The variety of created music styles is so difficult to classify and sell. Some of those are Folk, Rock Ballads, Psycho-Folk-Trance-Floor, R&B, and some others are World and Film Music. Therefore i used "World - World Beat" since classification is difficult.

My new solo album ("Get Ready") is currently in production and shall be ready latest by mid of June 2005 for sale. You are invited to listen to my online music and let my know what you think.

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Apr 2007
In the meantime, many things happened. I've created the new band "Moroxx" with style "World - World Beat" with many flavors of "New Age" and we produced our first album "Come together" within four months in 2006. It is available under the "Merch" link and i will publish soon all songs here on braodjam for purchase. You will like it - good mix, smooth sound, and all new unique songs with great variety.
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