The grey wolf circles the campfire
Drawn at last to its warming glow
Cold and hungry and dog-tired
Bloody footprints on crusted snow

I write in the musical traditions of my life and times. The songs vary in form, the common thread being my personal style.
I wrote several tunes recorded by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, including "Sunset On the Sage" and others.
Old Kentucky Hills and Hawaii Blues have been covered by the European groups Tumbleweeds (Netherlands) and Flying Strupe Waffles (Finland).
I wrote, performed and recorded "Nuke the Whales", "Electro-shock", "The Kids Are Sick", and others with the Fleshapoids. ("Nuke the Whales" made Dr. Demento's playlist.)
Also: Wrote Dustbowl Reunion on Van Rozay's classic vinyl album, and co-wrote Unlucky So-n-so with George Pedersen on the Natives album out of Berkeley California.

Please enjoy the unpublished works presented here.

Press Info

I like my Sunday pants to have a knife-sharp crease, otherwise it's mostly wash 'n' wear.

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I identify with Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Frank Zappa, Leiber&Stoller, etc., and the myriad songwriters who influenced them.


All of the popular music of my generation, plus a good bit before and after.

Mike Richards: The Bio

"Follow your dream."

A young man heard these words and taking them to heart, he went out into the world to seek his fortune.
In an uncharted region he became lost in a meandering maze of ozone. Eventually he emerged upon a vista of panaramic splendor. He found his vehicle waiting there (an eggplant-colored Nash), climbed aboard, gunned the motor, and headed off toward the vanishing horizon.

Thence began his long and troubled journey down the "lost highway" of songwriting.

Oh, you may be sure he made just about every kind of mistake a man can make, but to this very day, he's still rolling, and has written some fairly decent songs along the way.

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