Matthew Engstrom age 24

Born: 1982 Minnesota, United States

I began dabbeling in music, art, and philosophy after a strange, life changing encounter with the chemicals Pcilocybe/ Pcilocybin and a 1960's rock band called The Doors. Since then I have been facinated with the nature of life and death and through music, I create my life in a constant search to achieve complete and utter greatness and understanding.

The music I create is inspired by my turbulent yet extravegant past. I tend to explore as many genres as possible, pushing all boundries through lyric and song.

Currently: I am lead vocalist for the band "A Later Day" out of Blaine, MN.

Working with Perpetual Tomorrow Records; Lead Vocalist on the project, "Mind At Large" with multi-instrumentalist/ producer Gary Houck.

The final release of "Conciousness Propaganda" as of 01/01/2007; unmastered versions for download at

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