I began producing Electronic music in August 2001. I have had music placed in film and radio. A new solo CD to be out soon!

More music at http://www.marshalarnold.com

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In the summer months of 2000 I was introduced to a form of music called 'Trance'. At that moment I knew I had found 'MY' kind of music. It hit me soon after that I would love to produce my own jaw dropping Trance/Techno songs, so in the fall of 2001 that's just what I did.

Having very limited knowledge about how to make my own tunes and a shortage of cash I had to do some digging. Ahh my first soft synth, a basic 2 oscillator analog workstation called DreamStation. Costing only $50.00 I downloaded the German based program and began my quest towards being the best! I found very quickly that I had no idea what I was doing at all, but for some strange reason I kept hammering away.

December of 2002 I released my first album titled 'Digital Connection' using the former alias THE VeG. (Look it up on CD baby so you can hear just how bad I was!) It wasn't until the summer of 2003 when I got my hands on Swedish software based workstation called Reason. At that point and had intended on releasing a CD or 2 but I was never 100% in the production department, so the CD's were postponed again and again.

I didn't begin acquiring actual hardware until late 2004, starting small with a MIDI controller. By 2005 I even had actual powered sound monitors and a 12 channel mixer! Oh yeah the big time now right?? Oh no no no, although the addition of these essential tools did help greatly in my learning how to produce clean hard hitting tracks that make you want to shake your ass, I topped out in late 2006. I felt I had reached my full potential with what I had. Thanks to a large pay increase at my daytime job in October 2006 I bought my first hardware synth a Roland SH-201. Shortly there after I had to get the SH-201's big brother the V-Synth and at that point I guess you could say I went crazy! The months up to 2/2007 I was able to add a Nord Lead 2X, a Korg Radias, build a new PC, up grade to ProTools and purchase a high-end symphonic plug-in for ProTools. I am very excited to were things are headed, I am producing music that is 1000 times better than I ever would have dreamed back in 2001 and it gets better and better all the time! I'm never done learning but look out because things just got serious!

Equipment includes the following:

Pro Tools 7.0

NORD Lead 2X

Korg Radias

Roland V-Synth 2.0

Roland SH-201

Reason 3.0

Recycle 2.1

Mackie DFX 12 Mixer

M-Audio Radium 49 Midi Keyboard

Korg Kontrol 49 Midi Studio Controller

M-Audio BX8a Powered Studio Monitors

Marshall mxl 2001 Condenser Mic

Audio-technica AT835b Condenser Mic

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