Born and raised in Puerto Rico. Manny brings to the table a blend of smooth R&B mixed with a Latin voice full of passion. Musically inclined and lyrically divine, Manny X has been designed to carry the industry on his back!

It started years ago, around the time when Manny was 5. He was lended a christian instrumental of a song he always hummed as a child. His mother excited to hear her son's innate ability, asked the pastor to let him sing with the instrumental during a service, and so he did. At the tender age of 6 he grabbed a mic for the first time and blessed an entire congregation of over 300 people. Since then, it's always been the memory he looks back on as a form of inspiration and as a way for him to express his gratitude towards God for his talents.

Manny X continued singing instrumentals at church. he was given a small piano when younger so he could develope a hobby. Little did his family know it was key to his future. Due to the economic situations of his home, he was forced to teach himself by ear. Using methods as simple as plucking out notes and mimicing patterns he heard in songs. All these small methods helped him develope an outstanding ear. He figured out what a major scales sounded like, and the patterns within them, before he knew the term 'major scale', and learned about relative minors before he even knew how to voice a minor chord. The developement was extraordinary, to the point where at the age of fourteen they placed him as the pianist of his church.

His love for R&B came from the group "Boys II Men". On a trip to Puerto Rico, he was given a tape which contained various songs from "Boys II Men." He was instantly marveled be the feelin the songs gave, the lyrics, the emotion put into rifts, the complexity of the music and it's rhythms. It was the only type of music that gave him the hardest time trying to figure out, his passion grew almost instantaneously. His brothers bought method books to help him coordinate the way his hands were supposed to go, something he picked up on quickly..

On a retreat with the church, he was confirmed by God, that this was his future. And since that day, he's never stopped writing. he wrote his first song at the age of fourteen. And it was such an astonishment to his family, that they immediately tried to see what they could do to get him started on a career. but nothing happened. and Manny saddened by the failed attempts, started gettin deeper with the lyrics. around that time, new R&B artist such as Usher, Tyrese, and Dru hill emerged and took the industry by storm. The style of R&B that was developing began influence his style from the lyrics, to the emotion in the voice, the music and the rhythm patterns in the beats. He started writing his songs with more complicated lyrical rhythms. Steppin out of the box and in 2000 alone he wrote over 40 songs. He was turning fifteen then.

Now a days, Manny's continued his drive in music never giving up but rather revising his strategy and defining not only his sound but his style and the way he interprets emotions through his music. He's older, which means he's wiser. He's went through heartaches, heartbreaks, love to lust, loyalty and betrayl, a constantly struggled to overcome poverty, his involvement with graffiti, death threats, encounters with the law, etc. From his departure from church to his redemption. Manny X has a vast amount of stories and points of views deeper than the average person his age. He's ready to get out there and let the world know what he's all about, and what his take is on any topic given to him. From war to love, to relationships and disccordance, poverty, prosperity, living a dream to living a lie, God, LIFE and everything in it...with the way the industry is going, it desperately needs a savior.

"Manny X: The Industry's Reality Check!"

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