Danny Maleh is a self-proclaimed Artist/Lyricist whose talents have brought him many places in life. Performing in over 30 musicals before reaching the age of 18, Danny has shown his forever excellence in all areas of entertainment. His unique sound and ability to combine voice impressions, singing, and rap, defined him as an original artist with a comical interlude. As founder of his own independent label, Indent RecordsĀ®, Danny is hoping to continue to spread a positive message into the vast world of music. Mimic Maleh-D was given that name from the plethora of talent he has with imitating and mimicking nearly everything and everyone he hears. His entire compilation of voices exceeds 200 different characters from various shows, movies, cartoons, songs, and artists. This talent allows Danny to show his inimitable style of singing and rapping along with his skill to make people laugh.
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