Luis Enrique Guzman & dj poro founded Antahkarana records as a home for the programing and production of experimental Electronic dance grooves,always a progressive evolution of Mexico's Electronic music scene scince 1998,with recently joined producers Mau Vazquez,Tyron Pratts,we are all united with one purpose in mind, to create the new sound of deepSwingElectro ear delight.


started in the Electronic music scene 1998 as a Dj& producer with influences of Flying Rhino,Naja,Iboga. Releases: HEX "Kin"phantasm records,Antix feat.Tyron,"slave to dose" Iboga records,quadrante "closer"with dick(dickster)Trevor,Tripod "as if" Anna Hafets & Dj kwen.


1969 born in Mexico city November the 8th,1985 rock bands,1988 first Electronic project "Lapso-V",1989 New project "ULTRAVIOLETA",1992 Electro project "Transceiver" is born,1996 joins "LLT" With Klang & Merlina,1996 production of "Relatos del futuro" & "ligas diversas" album Cd's,1998 enter Antahkarana records,1999 3- 12" releases with Dorigen Music,2000 co-production with Bill Hamel "Transceiver vs. Quadrant",2001 releases with "FADE" include Antahkarana-Iman-transceiver,2002 co-production with Remy unreleased,2004 co-production Kasey Taylor "white doctor" unreleased,2005 project Kyma with Mauricio Vazquez,"Relativo" solo,"Test pilot" solo,2006 associated releases of AntahkaranaMusic.


stared out in 1995 working for an advertising firm jingles for more than 30 Ads. and nights playing mega-events in several cities of Mexico as a Dj.Next to Sasha,John Digweed,Paul Oakenfold,Paul Van Dyke and Sander Kleinenberg to name a few. Released two Cd's with "LLT" and several 12" with labels such as,FadeRecords,T.I.P. and Sunkissed Records,all Progressive House and deep trance.
Currently work for the main T.V. station in Mexico producing songs and incidental tracks for various Shows. My influences have been Muddy Waters,James M. Hendrix,Jeff Beck,Joe Satriani and bands such as Led Zepellin,Rolling Stones,Rush,the Police,Queen,U2,Nirvana,Kraftwerk,Depeche Mode,Metallica,Oasis,Black Crows and Living Colour.
I Believe my sound to be a synthesis of all here and a broad range from Jazz,Blues,of course Rock and new branches of Electronica.

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