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Kinfolk 11/29/91 Born In Boaz,Alabama,,,,B-Ezy 4/1/90 Born In Vero Beach,Florida,,, Kinfolk And B-Ezy's Family Wanted To Add That They Always Knew That They Was Something Special And They Had A Special Talent And Most Importantly They Always Had Such A Passion For Music Especially Rap Music.. First Things First,, Were Going To Start When They Met In Middle School 7th Grade 2004 They Would Always Write Raps But Didnt Know Each Other Did,, Till One Day Kinfolk Told B-Ezy About Him Rappin So They Made One Or 2 Tracks And Fell Apart For A While Due To Some Difficulties Not Between The Two Though,, Kinfolk Formed His Group "Alabama G's" Of Da Ville Entertainment And In The Mean Time B-Ezy Got Incarcerated For Aggrivated Assault 1st And Spent 6 Months In The County And Kinfolk Was On Probation For Some Bullshit ,,Already Both Kicked Out Of School For Gang Affiliation Such As ,, Graphitti, Destrution Of Prop.,, Gang Recruiting,, And Bringing Illegal Drugs On School Premises But When B-Ezy Got Out Of The County They Decided They Would Try It Again And Formed The Group That Is Now Days Called "The Dirty White Boyz" Makin Albums Such As "Wyte Noyz" And "Walk Different" That Featured Songs Such As "Wyte Noyz",,"Report To The Dance Floor",, Like Tic Tic,, "Ride With Me" And The New Hit Will Be On The Myspace Page In A Few Days Called "Walk Different",,,,,But As You Can See Their Doing Good And Will Never Quit Till Their So Far In Music They Cant Dig Theirself Out With A Pick-ax And A Fuckin Shovel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Shoutout To : Wuz Good Its Kinfolk And B-Ezy And We Would Like To Give Special Thanks To Our Family And Friends And Whoever Is Down With DWB Shoutout to Our Youngn's Nat Nat And Bay Bay They Keep Us Goin Special Thanks To All Fans And We Love Yall And Cant Do It Without Yall And To All Of Our Haters That Said We Couldnt Make It We Love Yall And Thats Why Your Girls Forehead Was On My Stomach Blowin Like Bagpipes Last Night HAHA ...Big Shout Out To ASBURY HIGH SCHOOL For Tellin Us We Wouldnt Amount To Anything Take A Loook At Us Now ,,,,,Thats Why We Blowin Out Ya Speakers Yall ?Knw Yall Dance In The Mirror To Our Shit Dont Let Us Get Ya ....Shoutout To The Police For The Good And The Bad But Mostly The Bad Ol' Plastic Handcuff Lookin Ass Bitches ...To The People That /Have Tried To Help Us Out We Thank Yall For Everything Yall Have Done ...For The People That Talk Shit Thats Yo Choice If You Wanna Do It But When We Make You Famous Dont Start Cryin ,,,AnyBody That Wants To Contact Us You Can Reach Us On Myspace Kinfolks Page Is B-Ezy's Page Is And Our Music Page Is Hope You Enjoy What we Give Yall And Once Again God Bless You Haterz Contact Kinfolk At 256-738-8586

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