I am a lover of Electronic Dance Music.
Two of my favorite groups are for example Air and Royksopp.
I am really influenced by those artists but I am trying to achieve my own style.


Daft Punk
Fatboy Slim
Al lot of other kinds of different Electronic Music
Hiphop, Soul, Funk


I first started back in the days (1987) with buying some hiphopstuff and become a DJ of the local Hiphop Band R.A.C.E. (Racial Agreements Creates Equality)
In that time I became a big Hiphop fan and learnt how to be creative by spinning the "wheels of steel"
Around 1990-1991 the quality of Hiphop which came out on the market was not really good anymore and in the same time House Music became more and more popular.
At that time, I made a switch to becoming a House DJ and I started to buy house records. I was a House DJ for several years until let's say 1997. In that period a did a lot of Rave Parties and I realeased an album with Patty Boom Records called "Classical Rave Party"
I mixed tracks from "the beginning of House"period on that album.
After 1997 my interest of being a DJ on Rave parties
was changing towards being a music producer.
With the fast Pentium Computers nowadays is a lot possble.
First I was exploring my creativity with Reason 1.0. It's a great program but with less sound quality i.m.o.
Nowadays I'm working with:
Cubase SX 2.0
Waldorf Q
Access Virus B
Korg Ms2000r
Mackie Analog Mixer 1604 VLZ
Houston Cubase Controller
and a lot of software...

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