Hey, my name is Kiira Bivens. I'm a singer, songwriter, poet, and hopeless romantic. I love music; I love creating. I am currently working on my next cd. I'd say I'm in the process. Through my experience as an artist, I have had a lot of taste changes, style changes and myself, have changed dramatically. Part of my change is simply due to growing up and finding my true self. I have posted old songs as well as the new ones. I love them all; it is my art. I like the direction my music is headed and how I have progressed. I hope you can find a song that you can relate to or enjoy. From past to present my songs have changed, so there is a wide variety to choose from. I'll put up my new songs as soon as I can. <3 KIIRA
Check out my website at kiirabivens.com.
Check out my fans, friends and blogs on purevolumn.com
Love, Lipstick and Poetry CD available at cdbaby.com
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