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Its hard to say, my music varies.


The Boston Pops
Tangerine Dream
Pat Metheny
Return To Forever
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Beatles
Steve Howe
Chris Squire


Point of Entry, Worcester, Massachusetts 1954
Dad was a corporate gypsy ( an actor deep inside) Veteran of WWII and Korea, who kept the family on the move every 4 years. Mom-an excellent homemaker and Mother of 4. A Pianist , Dancer, Artist of extraordinary undiscovered talent.

Throughout my schooling period, I was involved in Theatre as an actor, chorus, stage hand. My college time was absorbed with television production, writing, producing, directing and postproduction editing,

Ran the sound board a few times for "The Frankie Michaels Road Show - a 1970's lounge band and a Prog Rock band called Milestone. I produced/directed videos for Jack Knox Entertainment in Lowell, Massachusetts. His company worked primarily with Wedding Band bookings.

The one common thread that has wound itself through my life has been my music. It varies day to day from guitar, to sing, to just sitting down at the keyboard and letting the stresses and pleasures of life for that day slip from my fingers onto the welcoming keys.

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