Hi my name is Joe Magana, I want to welcome you to my homepage here at BROADJAM. I plan on keeping this site current with new songs, info, and events
I play Piano, Guitar, and Harmonica, and play a variety of styles of music, but the songs that I write come from a heart that wants to express the heart of God to this generation. As I look around at our world today, and see broken, dying hearts. I believe as musicians, and artists, We have a call to Awaken Hearts to the tender mercies, and healing love of Jesus. Please make yourself at home at my site, listen to the lyrics, and allow them to find there way into your heart.
I am available for concerts, and special events, and would love to network with you in seeing hearts be Awakened. Please e-mail me.
Joe Magaña

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I am available for concert presentations, special events, outreaches, and love networking with other believers in fulfilling God's desires on this earth
Please Contact me at:
Joe Magana
209-277-3422 Cell
209-634-1419 Home
or by email at

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I have been told numerously Keith Green, and believe in the same message as he preached


There have been many influences in my life both musically, and philosophically that have passed through my life like a wind rush, some have brought joy, and some sorrow.
I have to say that in JESUS, I have found the person I was meant to be, and he has washed me of those things that have contaminated my heart through forgiveness, and through forgiving.
The Bible says that "Our lives are hidden in Christ", and as we pursue him we discover who we were really meant to be


I began playing music when I was 10 years old, I bought my first Hohner Harmonica., and I carried it with me everywhere I went, My brother is a guitar player, and songwriter as well, and we played a lot of what I call acoustic rock, Cat Stevens, Neal Young, a lot of the music of the seventys
When I was in High school I played harmonica, and was the lead singer in a Rock & Blues band. . At around the age of 18, I purchased a piano for $300.00, and probably drove my mom nuts learning. Bless her heart ! At around that same time, after a long history of trying to fill a void and emptiness in my life with a lot of things. I was invited to a bible study with a friend, I was reluctant at first, but for the first time, I heard about a God I never knew, Not religion, But a living loving God who experiences joy, and sorrow. I found the greatest discovery in my life. He changed my heart, and in changing my heart, He changed everything that proceeds from my heart. Like my music
The songs I write, are what I call, “Heart-Songs” I truly believe that we as the Human Race have become like a Lost people of the Heart. Yet at the heart of each of us, Is a longing hunger to be whole again, For our hearts to be whole, loved, and valued. The Creator of the Universe Loves you, and wants to heal your heart. Please listen with your heart,

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