God Bless ALL those who serve in the armed services of The USA. Teach your children about Memorial Day and Veterans Day and let us pay our thanks and respect to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can live the way we do. I love life and I love living thanks to all those who have served and sacrificed. Endless thanks to Galen Breen of The Gator Hole. I write the songs, music, lyrics and melody but he makes the songs I write sound so amazing I can't thank him enough. Also, Annie Lynn who is an amazing artist too. I love bluegrass and Doc Watson and I LOVE the acoustic guitar. I dig people who aint got the attitude. Life is too short and too beautiful for egotistical, arrogant fat heads. I respect those who have earned it, not those who expect it. I dont like people who cry about what they think they should have instead of being grateful for what they do have. Treat people fairly with respect and dignity. Good Health & Good Music! Your friend, Jim

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Anyone want to join up and to a song let me know. Jim


Doc Watson and Bob Dylan and America and The Eagles and so many more but Doc has been super inspirational to me. Doc and his amazing wife and Merle Watson are the greatest ever!


I love playing a Martin acoustic guitar!! I love life and I love living I am sick with an illness that causes 24 hrs a day chronic pain and is getting worse with no cure in sight. I feel like I have been poisoned and being eaten alive from the inside out from razored teeth pihanna. Its a horrible illness. There is no cure for RSD. Despite the pain I am a very happy and lucky man. I could do without the liars I have met in the music biz tho- I live in So Calif with my wife of almost 33yrs. I love the acoustic guitar too much. I try not to take much for granted. I wish I could find someone to do my songs. That would be nice. I cant stand people who bitch and moan about what they think they should have instead of being grateful for what they do have. Life is too short folks. Good Health & Good Music. Jim

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over 30 days ago to James Burns

Hello James, we're almost neighbors... I'm in Tualatin...... I checked out some of you songs and would love to do a project with you. Marvin. With 549 tracks on BJ, with everything from Funk to Folk. we are sure to find a track to write to. SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS

over 30 days ago to James Burns

Great music for road trips, campfires, or just when you want to be happy!

Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to James Burns

Just gave a listen to your song "Willow in the Wind" what a great song... the singer has a beautiful voice... I really enjoyed her voice... please tell her...
Be safe, a friend in music 🎶🎶🎶Delta

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