Audible energy; musical adrenaline; alluring original keyboards; pure talent. JanElaine's powerful piano virtuosity mixed with thoughtful and intuitive orchestration makes her music a journey you won't want to miss.

Also for some extra inspiration on your path, check out the song "Believe."


About JanElaine

When you first see her, you might expect the performance to match the pretty, petite, and gentle natured person. Then she sits at a piano, and suddenly nothing is what you expected. The powerhouse performances of this 5?1, 100 pound woman resonate the chords of your very soul. No one hears her play without being profoundly affected. That?s JanElaine. She takes you places.

She was a composer from the time she could walk, but from the age of 5 her musical ability was directed through a very disciplined, classical route, playing everyone else's music. She followed this classical path all the way through college, studying with many renowned professors, culminating in a series of performances throughout Europe. Following graduation, however, she succumbed to heavy influences to 'get a real job' and sadly gave up music entirely for ten years.

However, the universe never lets a talent like this lie, and at the age of 30 threw her several profound experiences which brought about an intense spiritual renewal and along with it, a musical renewal. She began to play the piano again, writing songs that reflected the journey she was traveling, and creating a style that was completely hers. Defying traditional definition, JanElaine's compositions communicate directly with the very soul of the listener. Her songs are broad and sweeping and take hearts soaring while also relaying a grace that leaves listeners with a sense of peace and wellbeing in the midst of life?s turbulence. In her long-awaited debut cd, Threads in the Tapestry, there are driving rhythms of songs like ?Life? that pull you through seasons of conflict and resolution, and quiet waltzes of others like ?Dolphins Playing? that sit you on a beach on a warm summer day. The whole of the project is masterfully woven and reflects the multi-dimensional threads of the eclectic tapestry she?s lived thus far. She?s peaceful and powerful, and always diverse. She?s JanElaine. She takes you places.

JanElaine Eller is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, currently residing in a suburb just outside the city with her collage of rescued animals consisting of two dogs, three cats and two wild horses

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