Singer songwriter Jacques Gaines makes his home in Montréal, Canada. He has written, performed and produced music for many a diverse artist. Jacques’ influences are extrememly diverse. From Stevie Wonder to James Taylor, they cross a great spectrum to form an interesting and original mix of soulful folk. However, to describe his music as simply soulful folk would be simplifying something complex and filled with different layers. His music is distinctively signed with a sublime velvety voice singing melodic lines over a musical bed that blends natural instruments with the synthetic.

Artist bio

Spring of 1991: Returning from a trip around the world. Jacques is offered a spot in a band called Q City by his long time childhood buddy. Q City?s homebase is Quebec City where Brian Tuppert and Jacques write a great deal of their pop based, melodic rap and pop formula.

Winter 1994: Jacques forms a new band called Soul Attorneys. The group includes Eric Filto, a producer/ writer with whom he has worked on the Q City project, and Mathieu Dandaurand, a guitarist who has also worked on the Q City project.

Summer 1995: Soul Attorneys sign with Sony Music Canada and remix already existing tracks of a ten song demo. The person chosen to remix the album is Humberto Gatica (Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, and Lionel Ritchie )

Spring 1996: Album is released with an opening act tour with Celine Dion. The tour includes 23 Canadian dates and 13 US.

Spring 1996 to 1999: Soul Attorneys enjoy a great deal of success. Including two Canadian tours, many awards and chart topping hits. Songs like ?These are the days?, and ?So they say? reach Canadian top ten.

Spring 2000: Jacques releases his own album under the new name ?J.Gaines and the Soul Attorneys? The album is called ?Another day?. The new album is produced and co-written by Aldo Nova ( Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova, Celine Dion). The album receives mixed reviews but enjoys great radio success. ? Better Man? reaches Canadian top ten and a SOCAN most played song award.

Fall 2003: Jacques Gaines parts ways with Sony and signs with GSI musique (a smaller French label) He begins production of a French album.

Spring 2005: Jacques Gaines begins production of a new English album on his own independent label.

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