Yall know what it is. Lil bout myself. I produce,engineer,arrange,master songs here at an In Your Ear Productions. 2002 I opened up at a club called Reilie Bros. for Lil'John through Purdue University (sponsered). Much love to them. 2003 I was the producer at Knuckle Up Records witch through one of the boys there had a connect with the Legendary ''Daz Dillinger'' witch I & a couple more boys cut a track with. I've been Producing alot & helping other Artist achieve there goal. But since I've been home my focus got overwhelming in the music.That feel'n like nobody could stop me. But for now 2-6 Xclusive Material will ring bells in your ears!! I speak & rap & sing from the soul so alot shit is vougar but it's to the point.Different flavors for different people. But for now enjoy & watch ya boy shine & make heads turns. So be cool & stay focus on ya grind cause I'm deffinately on mines. Get down how ya live!! Straight fire, 2-6 A Nuisance C.E.O. & Engineer at In Your Ear Productions.
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