Intuitive music orchestra - is unique creative being wich its creators do not intend to define making links with sothing that is already known or comparing it with something that already exists.
Participants of IMO explore a miraculous power of sound with enthusiasm for seven years already.
That music is above national and nonconditional.
All that musicians perfom is never rehearsed or repeated - Sun shines with no rehearsals. There's just a great low of Harmony and all happens according to it. Audience becomes a participant of creative process during performances very often.
Musicians us more then 50 various drums, rubap, sitar, igil, gijak, mouth harp, fretless bass, double bass, English horn, alto and soprano saxes, about 10 diferent sorts of flutes, duduk, gongs, bells, cymbals, metallophon, didgeridoo, more then 100 types of small percussion instruments and a human voice of course.

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Intuitive music orchestra- in nov/dec issue of "Global Rhythm" magazine. In collections CD with Manu Chao, Herbie Hancock and Tina Turner You'll can listen our composition " Inside & Outside" and read about in Culture Shop page.

Intuitive music orchestra

Lead by Moscow based musician Ian Bederman, the Intuitive Music Orchestra is an improvisation-based world music project started in 2001. Under Bederman's leadership, the IMO adopts a wholly free musical philosophy, where each musician is given complete license to explore their own musical personality and role in the group. Performing and recording without rehearsal, no two performances are alike. The group incorporates instruments from a variety of heritages: Rubap, English horn, saxophones, flutes, gongs, fretless bass, didgeridoo, countless percussion instruments, and the human voice make up the IMOs palette. Bederman's philosophy of human interdependence and harmonious coexistence earned him
recognition from the Worldwide Charitable Alliance; he was named "Peacemaker of the Year" in 2006. The IMO amassed a large discography in a shot amount of time. By the 2007 release of Be Careful! The Doors Are Opening, they had already released four other records in as many years. Be careful! was embraced by the world music community throughout Europe, becoming one of the most successful experimental releases of the year.
- Evan C. Gutierrez, All Music Guide

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Chartreuse Culotte
over 30 days ago to Ian Bederman

Mr Ian. That be one funky instrument you be playin. 6th day meant to get drunk, brother. Sound like you is there! - Fever

over 30 days ago to Ian Bederman

your composition--the world--really nice--5 stars--a touch of pink floyd--jethro tull---really neat--thanxs--joe.

2 Replies
Ian Bederman
over 30 days ago

Thank you very much for your coment.

Ian Bederman
over 30 days ago

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