Heavyweight entertainment is constructed of what we feel are some of the best the mid west has to offer. some of thses artist rep heavyweight and others are from different camps (greedy thugz,choke hold) but we are all family with one common goal,"put the rap game on lock". with up and coming artist such as Rell rell, Vicious Da Burner, Rob G,Streets The Kid (greedy thugz) Stack A Dollar (choke hold) , Lil Boots (greedy thugz) and Homicide, we shouldnt have to much of a problem gaining a ear of two. We come humble but we come hard. And last but not least, the production coming from heavyweight is sick.The boy Rob G does his thang on the tracks (and yes he is for hire, ya'll better holla before he blow.) .And to the hip hop world, we comin baby!
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