I see myself primarily as a songwriter, then as one who can sing and play instruments. I started writing music at the age of 14, and I am doubly blessed cos I write both the music and the lyrics. I have been involved in the music industry for the past 25 years, with experience in composition, production, arrangement, management and music publishing. I suffered a heart attack last year (2004) and had a triple bypass opeartion. I am lucky to be alive, and I have now taken a new perspective on my life and have decided to focus on my greatest talent - songwriting. I entered the Song of the Year competition in 2004, and was placed in the top 5 in December 2004 for my song, "My kind of Life", in the folk category! My dream is to win a Grammy one day soon!

My Songwriting - Style & Genre

I have a wide selection of musical tastes and influences, and this is reflected in my music collection of CDs and DVDs, as well as in the variety of songs that I am able to write. I write folk, country, rock, pop, blues and jazz and reggae, across all tempos, for both male and female vocalists, and my lyrics cover a wide variety of issues - some protest, some about love, and some about life in general.

In recent times I have been very impressed by the awesome talents of Norah Jones, Dianna Krall and Rod Stewart (who has started the "retro" trend?), all of whom play and create music with that magic touch of quality & originality that has brought to bear the great standards of yesteryear. Songs that stood the test of time, so to speak.
I honestly and humbly believe my songs are like this, and all I am looking for is the opportunity to prove this with a "cut" by a major international artist. After all, everything in the music business starts with the song.

Anyway, I have written 186 songs to date (99% of them both the lyrics and music), and I know I have quite a few hits for top artists in my collection. Check out my web site for a few samples of my songs, or visit my website for more info. If you are looking for good, fresh material, please contact me - I would love to hear from you and put a deal together!

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