Glitch is vowing to bring the hip hop game back to form! Spitting rhymes with punch lines since the young age of 13, when he stepped behind the microphone in an recording studio. Glitch started to live, breathe and become hip hop. Drawing inspiration from his life, Glitch Arsonist rhymes promises to bring back REAL Hip Hop. He strives to bring The East Coast rap scene together and united as one. Some of his favorite artists include Nas, B.I.G., 2Pac, Jay-Z, Lox, Cormega, Big Pun & many more.Glitch remains humble and consistent, regardless of surrounding circumstances and the current climate of the hip hop industry. His philosophy: "Everything you do is a stepping stone to the next stone. Take everything as a grain of sand and put your own sense into it. If people ain't hating on u then there's something u not doing right, so don’t let hate fold you. Always remain humble, because that ego shyt is no good. It might be good for recording purposes, but it's no good for networking purposes.

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