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Music Is Magick
July 20th 2005

All Albums and Songs Created and Arranged by GMILLER
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GMILLERSITE,back up and running.We at GMILLERSITE.com,wish all his fans worldwide including at myspace.com/geomiller1,a HAPPY NEW YEAR and we want to let everyone know that he has been working on another new CD.With the expansion of his music studio and new instruments added,(MAPEX drumkit,) nothing to rush about here with his new music tracks.GMILLER was offered new representation thru the agents in Hollywood Cali.with A&R SELECT.GMILLER has decided to continue to seek for a more lucrative dea


New Artist : GMILLER Instrumentalist,Musician, Acoustic,Electric Guitar,Four and Six String Bass,Keyboards Synthesizer,and percussions.Recently he has mastered six Music CDs at WOODSHOP RECORDING in Andover Ma. email woodshoprecording@attbi.com.Engineer/Owner Charles Borruso.
GMiller's home and 900 sqft, studio is centrally located in the downtown City Mill distict of Lawrence on Broadway and Essex st . GMiller is currently working on mastering his next two CDs known as Aggressive Progression and MUSE !! Arrangements of GMILLER's music consists of Dance,Techno,Electronic,Rock,Hip Hop, Jazz,Progressive Blues ,Gothic,Neo Metal,New Age,and Sci-Fi movie themes.Music Cds released for competition Alche-Me and Galactic Host,Alche-MeII at MGMUSIC.LTD.UK from 6/17/04 to 12/04 , 2k fan votes and reviews. Sample Cd GMILLER to EMI Records March 05. Now currently hosting music on BroadJam.com.

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