Pop with a smooth R&B Flavor, danceable uptempos with soulful mature melodic balads. Gloria is an artist, writer, singer, actress and dancer. Her catchy tunes & beautiful lyrics added with her multiple performing talents make her a well rounded, versatile artist. Although usually in the pop genre, she writes all kinds of music. Born and raised in the entertainment business, she performs in almost every capacity. Catch her in many major motion pictures and television shows, including: "Spiderman II", "New York Minute", "Constantine", "The Italian Job", "Hollywood Homicide", "Call The Shots" (CBBC), "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle", "44 Minutes, Shootout in North Hollywood". Charmed and more.

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Gloria was born and raised in Los Angeles to a family of professional musicians. Her mother was a music teacher, and Gloria began singing when she was three. She spent her childhood performing and singing and began writing songs when she was six. Her entire life, she has been involved in the arts, from ballet, jazz, gymnastics and hip hop, to singing and writing music. She appeared in her first commercial when she was 6 and has continued as a singer and performer in commercials, television, movies, records and stage from that time on. She spent much of her time in the studio honing her writing and singing abilities, did a solo album on an independent label and numerous other albums. Through the years, she has performed successfully as a singer, dancer, actress and stuntwoman. Now, an independent artist with the experience and know how, Gloria is doing it herself at the helm of her own production company. Her previous years as a session singer and her passion for music that just won't quit, have helped her develop into a competent and versatile writer, performer and producer. A great believer in hard work and constant preparation, she is always working towards yet another goal. Gloria has proven she can deliver the beautiful ballads and the dance tunes. She can be seen this summer in "The Italian Job", "Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle" and "Hollywood Homicide", "Call The Shots", & "44 Minutes".

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Saw you singing this song on "Stunt Stars" on Velocity and really loved it! Tried to find it on iTunes and couldn't, so I googled it and ended up here. How can I purchase this song? I played it here, but it wouldn't allow me to purchase/download it. Thanks! Lisa Hall (lisastuf@comcast.net)

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