Sean Tatalovich is a multifaceted songwriter, musician gifted with a voice that is powerful and diverse. Sean has the gift for writing memorable hooks across multiple musical genres - rock, pop, ballads, electronic, etc.

As a songwriter, producer and live performer with over 20 years of experience, Sean has collaborated with notable engineers/producers of Melissa Ethridge and Don Henly. He has also written music for three international in-store commercials for the Disney Store.

Sean takes pride in performing, writing and producing all his material. He seeks interested parties for his projects or songs. He is also interested in expanding into scoring and writing music for TV and Film. He is focused on continuing to grow as an artist and songwriter: “I feel I have so much more to offer. The only time I truly feel at peace is when I am lost in the music. My goal every time I write a song is to strike an emotional chord in the listener. That to me is success.”
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