A few years back I bought a 16 track digital studio to record old time music. I figured what better way to learn the system than by trying more complex electric music first. I had written a handful of songs over the years and added some new ones as this project grew. I am not a writer. I am not a singer. I am not much of a musician. I am a regular person who decided to write and record an album of songs for my own enjoyment. Each means something, a few I really like, even if no one else does. You don't have to like my songs. Go write your own. That is what this is all about.

Jerry Ernst

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Can bench press a case of beer

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Anyone else this bad you wouldn't have heard of


the 60's, Beatles, Robert Fripp, Rhythm Oil, Crusty and the Cling-Ons, Forest, Sydor.


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The lyricist began his or her career by playing Doc in an off-Broadway production of The West Side Story.
Favourite quote: "Mind? I have no mind, I'm just the village idiot." Then he or she shot Officer Krupke, and broke into the Doc Theme song:

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