I create music like the painter paints on empty canvas. This universal kind of creation spans across a variety of genres. Thus, am unable to select one category that completely classifies myself. And, I apologiize.

However, sometimes I am Jazzy, sometimes slowly or fast and moderate R&B, sometimes Ruffing It Out, and sometimes Easy Listing as well as much Vocalizations. Further, sometimes I am unclassified.

It is my hope that anyone who experiences my music get some pleasureable relaxation, rustication, or just get some assistance in completing your work.

Thanks and have a great week,

Dr. JG
Music For You by gardner

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I am currently working my musical collaboration and half the way in its completion. So look and listen soon!

Soon means March 2008.....!
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Check out: www.myspace.com/cynthiaflowers7: comment if you wish.

check out my music on www.broadjam//cynthiawashington: Have a great day! I enjoyed your pleasant voice & music. "What a pleasure".

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