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Now working with Major Label producers..I myself being a producer it's crazy..Working wit the likes of MDL Productions new comers working with konvict music,def jam and universal.....More news soon podcasters check my myspace for more info

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In the words of Dameyon " I stay doing my thing you keep trying o.k" or the new popular phrase beginning "threat" produced by dameyon ..."JustCOol Records - We just Hustlin' Please Forgive Us"
The boy's insane....
Evidently DAMEYON is a Lyrical Master Mind with a one take attitude and flow. With a sound like no other he is definitly one to watch. At the age of 23 this Producer/Rapper/Audio Engineer from Barbados has been in the business for 7 solid years Professionally. Producing and Engineering for some of the most promising artistes in Barbados..Bringing his brand
new sound to the world stage.

Borned Damian Hall to a humble woman, Maureen Forde. Dameyon grew up on music. It was always the center of the house in which he grew up. With a rastafarian Uncle introducing him to the music of the legendary Bob Marley, Gran parents hooked on Marvin, a spouge artiste "hubert grant" in the family
and biological father a Dj. It was the perfect environment to make any "little man" want to become a man of music.

Dameyon Bio Con't : on the way

From the early age of 9 Dameyon would have been caught dubbing over oldies tapes, later being scoulded for reciting explicit lyrics from tupac,B.I.G,Slick Rick and Naughty by Nature just to name a few. Then from there when access to a computer was brought into the picture. He seeked to find out exactly
what the pros do. It wasn't until the age of 16 however that he finally found someone else who shared his passion for hiphop music at school . He found such a person in Miles Robertson son of the late Janice Millington. Myles would introduce Dameyon to producers such as Chris Alman of Slam City and Kb Sharpe of Hit Islands.

"Myles is really the person who put me on more or less cause with out him I would have never met with Kb and landed my first job ever. The thing about it was that it was my first job ever and it was what I wanted to was cool as hell".
Dameyon's first Job ever was what he wanted to do but not exactly. After meeting with Kb sharp then of CRS Digital Recordings. Dameyon shortly after received an offer by the CEO of the Company to Join their team as an audio Engineer. By age 18 Dameyon had bought his first car off music so he was pretty much living a dream but not quite.

It was all fine and dandy being an Audio Engineer but that wasn't good enough for Dameyon he wanted more. He wanted to be more involved in the actual making of the music. It was then he picked back up Beat making from his Mother's house and bringing projects to work. Some projects became the
skeleton for many Hot tracks one of which was called IceCream which was to be performed by Invision but because of a break-up in the group because of A member being kicked out (popular barbados miss world pageant winner), the track was never released.

It was not long after, that Dameyon would approach Kb about recording a single for himself. Kb did not think it best for dameyon to be both a producer and a rapper reason being it was too hard...
"As a producer you get paid upfront and a rapper gotta hustle too hard for his, is exactly what he told me but I am and forever was and will be a rapper among other talents....till I die... I live for this huslte".

A determined Dameyon went ahead to record himself back and forth from the control room to the booth. To prove to his mentor he was ready. With his efforts he came out with "lyrical Lover" after one studio session. With the help of Wesu Wallace he commercialized the track by letting wallace sing through the hook and play a little guitar on it. Kb was impressed and word spread fast that Dameyon was going to be a talent to be realized and respected as an Audio Engineer/ Rapper/ Producer.

Many ups and Downs would follow one which was almost losing the use of his left index after it was seperated from his hand from one of dameyon's past-times (car customization) but he says none was bigger than going overseas to study Media in the U.K. and having to return home because of immigrational issues which he's been asked not to air.

Dameyon Bio Con't : soon there

Despite all of this He is almost where he wants to be. In 2005 Dameyon finally got his Studio together as well as a Record Label shortly after the birth of his Daughter Kai who he says was the final push to get him to SET-IT-OFF. The next step for this Youngster no doubt is to be noticed and respected by his
counterparts in the home of HIP-HOP and we believe he can accomplish this. After all he's already ran past Local and has interests peeking out of the U.K and then in other Caribbean Countries.

To date Dameyon has worked with and on such projects as: Starr Perez, John King, Gabby, Kb, Tamara Marshall, Buggy, Rookie Blade, Benz Killa, Bonnie Devido, Miles Robertson, Derek Fields, Jimmy Duncan, Styles, J-List, Dunnz, Dre Dinero, Big Shawnof the Quarter Poundas, Trezay of the Quarter Poundas, Wolf, Darren Doyle and Himself along with many up and coming artistes.

As they say "JustCool Records - We Just Hustlin' Please Forgive Us"

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