Chris beck was born on march 2 1984 in erie Pa. hes then moved to brockway Pa and was raised there till the age of 10. In 1994 he then moved to port charlotte fl, where he started playing the guitar, and learning the otherb instruments. In 1999 He then released his firts single through gabrielle rea enetertainment entitled The storm begins. where it soared to #! on the the top ten pop charts for port charlotte, punta gorda, And #23 on the Florida charts. Which was Mp3.Com.after his previous project he then teamed up with Pierre Hilaire, And george Hilaire to release Their Remotecontrolegypt Project entitled "Junk Behavior". However due to so chyanges in his life he took a 9 month sebatical, and then teamed up again with Pierre Hilaire, and Bryan Klett, for his third project only with the group Tunnel Rat. the album released Was Entitled "Out Of My Mind". howver after the project was released chris left the group to venture out on his own.

The making of great music

This is a new fresh inevataive sound. Pioneered by The artist them selves. The music raw and almost breath taking. Check it out and see for yourself. If you like the music you hear let us now by dropping a line at

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