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Chris Pesce is an aspiring self taught singer / songwriter born in Long Island, NY, October 16, 1976. Chris began his journey of singing and songwriting at the age of 14 and within 6 months broke into the realm of belief after winning 1st place in his first talent show.. the talent show consisted of 32 acts including dancing, singing, bands and solo singers... Chris wrote and sang an original song that made the crowd go crazy with a standing applaud. Chris continued striving toward his career playing at high school shows, local coffee shops, and other small venues from the age of 15 - 22.. Chris spend much time improving his sound by pushing himself to learn to play new instruments such as drums, bass guitar and piano in order to record complete songs at home. Even though Chris had a great passion for recording, his true passion was performing live in front of an audience. He then formed a band called "The Plan" in order to make his passion real. Shortly after Chris Pesce and "The Plan" began playing at local venues in NYC such as The Elbow Room, Kenny's Castaways as regulars striking up a new soulful blues rock type sound which was new and unique to scene. Although spectaters enjoyed the unique sounds that this band created together, Chris was not convinced that this was the sound he always imagined in his mind. At the age of 25 Chris broke off from the band and began working on his solo career... "The transition was quite dramatic going from blues rock to modern Hip-Hop and R&B, I have finally found my niche" said chris in a sigh of relief. Now Chris Pesce is spending most of his time recording, auditioning and promoting his new material in search of the right producer / record label to sign him. Recently Chris Pesce has qualified as a finalist in the Hip-Hop / R&B category in the Song of the Year Contest (see He has also qualified for performing live at Amatuer Night at the Apollo (see upcoming event for date & time). I believe that this new artist will be well known in the R&B scene very soon.

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