Chance Gardner's acoustic singer-songwriter style is mostly Americana. His voice has been described as "gravel in a silk bag" and his guitar as "sounds like 3 guitars!'
The blues band Chance & the BluesDaddies is a high energy 3-piece rockin' blues band described as "roots music cooked on a grill with jet fuel".
Chance Gardner on Vocals and Guitar. Awarded 3 "Best Blues CD of the Year" and 1 "Best Rock CD" 2003-2005 Hawaii Music Awards. Chance blends the blues he's learned from the likes of "Earring" George Mayweather (JB Hutto),Sylas Hubbard Jr Stovall Brown and Luther 'Guitar Jr' Johnson (Muddy Waters) with hard-driving rock abandon.
Patrick McDonald on Bass. Mean, Nasty Texan who's recorded with Lightnin Hopkins as a teenager, toured with Steve Miller Band, Billy Joel...and most importantly recorded the soundtrack to "Spinal Tap". Thats right he's in with Nigel Tuffnell.
Mike Pearl on Deaf Dog Blues
Bernie Mansell BluesDaddies drummer.
Jose Ortiz Sr-

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Chance Gardner:
2002-Live Blues (blues), Fate Stepped In (Rock)
2004-A Slack in the Key of Integrity (Acoustic)
2005-Easy Come and Easy Go (Acoustic)
Chance and the BluesDaddies:
2003-Deaf Dog Blues
2005-Live at the Stopwatch
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