Centrinity was created in 2000 with the advent of the 2nd Millenium and beginning of the 21st Century. Centrinity's compositions are not meant to be pompous or too self-important but they are meant to convey the originality and artistic integrity of the composer and musicians involved. We are absolutely opposed to the creation of customer-driven music and we do not release albums, considering them to be 20th century relics. By not releasing albums, more attention can be paid to a given composition. We release our works as soon as they are done being mastered and we are committed to offering our music exclusively through digital downloading. We hope that by doing things a bit differently than all the other artists out there still playing the 20th century game of making it big in the music industry, we can garner the support of genuine music lovers across the globe. Thank you for your love and support. -Xstian

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Good news everyone! We have just finished mastering our latest composition "Acknowledgment" clocking in at exactly 13 minutes! This new 21st Century piece features arrangements for synthesizers, piano, bass, drums, guitar, french horn, viola, violin, cello, male dramatic tenor, male lyric tenor, & effects.

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Vangelis, Magma, King Crimson, Yes, Gentle Giant, Depeche Mode, Soft Machine, Gong, Univers Zero, Present, Genesis, Stanley Jordan, Ange, Led Zeppelin, Goblin, Offering, Peter Gabriel, etc.


There are a few of us that do this stuff, and we do it because we love it. We suffer because of it; endlessly. We will endure as long as we live creating it.

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