In the spring of 2001, Circe Link never having written music before,
awoke one morning with a funny little song in her head.
Later that day another song came to her in traffic on the way home from her day job.
While making dinner that evening a third song appeared, refusing — like the others — to be ignored.
As it turns out listening to the voices in her head turned out to be a good thing,
for music is her true calling.
Working with a myriad of talented musicians,
Circe has been able to craft her memorable melodies and lyrics into a unique blend of Jazz, Country, and Blues.
Her music is palpable and genuine.
Her songs drip and swoon like a steamy summer night engulfing two lovers on the back porch.
These infectious the melodies waft through the air
and settle like a familiar perfume in the dreams of all who hear them.
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About Circe Link

Circe Link will entice, delight and treat you to a sound she says comes from her "cosmic radio station". A native of Los Angeles, Circe was a self-taught fine artist before waking one morning from a dream with a song in her head. While never having written a song before she penned three songs that day and discovered a new artistic path. Originally calling her music Cowboy Jazz, Circe soon found there was so much more to her eclectic style. Circe's records range in genre and sound from Bob Wills to Bowie, from Patti Page to Patty Smith - essentially from Abba to Zappa and everything in between. This broad diversity has yielded her a collection of songs that are at once charming and familiar, yet surprising and unique, often leaving melodies stuck in the listener's head for days.

With 9 records and over 90+ songs in her catalog, an Amoeba Records Homegrown Artist pick, the #1 spot in Jazz on for over two years, a Clear Channel "Emerging Artists" pick, film and TV placements credits that include Starbucks, Hanes, Blades of Glory, School of Rock, Bittersweet, and The Hills Have Eyes among others, a successful tour in Japan, and singing back up for The Monkees, Circe Link has proven her strengths and success as one of L.A.'s most unique independent artists.

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