Boxkar is a band that writes catchy songs and puts on exciting live shows. Their songs have been compared to artists such as Matchbox Twenty, Train and U2. Their live show has been compared to that of a Bon Jovi or an Aerosmith. Boxkar has gained a strong following throughout the Midwest and continues to impress crowds at each and every new gig. They have opened for several national bands(BoDeans, Third Eye Blind, Fuel, Candlebox, 3 Doors Down, Collective Soul, among others) as well as selling out college clubs and prime live music venues.

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Matchbox Twenty, Train, Tonic, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, U2.


U2, Aerosmith, Matchbox Twenty, Black Crowes.


Boxkar was formed in early 2001 with the goal of pursuing music as a career. After months of searching for not only the most talented musicians, but also the most driven and confident players, the band ended up what it is today. Matt Gieseke on drums, Matt Hammen on bass, Bryan Bremer on rhythm guitar, Joey Carini on lead guitar and Chris Szebeni on vocals. The band started in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin but very quickly grew to be well known throughout the music hot spots in the Midwest. Boxkar has played shows with bands like Ingram Hill, Cowboy Mouth, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Josh Kelly, Three Doors Down, Hillary Duff, Fuel, Ryan Cabrera, Great White and recently at the Viper Room with Kevin Martin from Candlebox and Green Leaf Avenue. In the summer of 2003, they opened for the BoDeans, putting on a show that drew nearly 9,000 people. In January of 2005, they were the only unsigned band to perform at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC. In January of 2006, they received a full page spread in London based "Classic Rock Magazine". Chief editor Geoff Barton rated their CD at the top of his scale and personally interviewed them for this article.

The bottom line is that given the right opportunity, Boxkar will succeed on a national level.

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