Blakspade 20,a Young and upcoming artist from New Orleans.His word choice gain's respect cause when he talks people listen.Speaks on issues that people go thru.His album 'Something to Talk About' has sold 400 copies (still selling) in two and a half months,with no promotion,distribution,none of his sales came from the internet.All by word of mouth.Very determined young man to hit the streets with a name nobody knows, in time the world will.... Outstanding voice and superb flow some label is bound to pick him up.Joe Budden is the number one draft pick Blakspade is the "walk on"!!!

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I was born and raised on the Westbank of New Orleans. As a young man, I attended school like any average kid. While going to school, I was involved in sports such as: football, baseball, and basketball, and my spare time was directed toward writing poems and songs. Once, I graduated from Edna Kara Magnet School. From there, I enlisted four years in the United States Navy. Since then, I have been active in the Navy going to college and pursuing my music career. I have one album recorded as of now, which has sold 250 copies within a month?s period. During this experience I have produce, promoted, and marketed my own music. I have a year and a half in the Navy remaining. I choose to resign, to reach my goals.

Acquire a bachelor?s degree in graphic arts and business, make a platinum album, provide for my family, and go to heaven

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